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Bringing cars back to life. Whether it's a family car that the kids and dog have done their worst to or a commercial vehicle that now looks more like a skip on wheels! We will get it clean, shiny and smelling fresh.


Returning vehicles back to showroom condition isn't easy but we love the satisfaction we get when customers grin from ear to ear once they see their pride and joy looking as good as it did when it left the factory.


Using specialist tools and products in order to machine polish the paintwork on a vehicle well beyond the factory standards. The results are flawless paint jobs that elevates any vehicle to show car condition.

It's all in the Detail

How we get your car looking like a Supermodel.


First we jet-wash all of the grime from every surface of your vehicle and pre-wash with citrus based cleaners.

Hot Wash

We then hot wash the car by hand using PH neutral soap to remove all remaining dirt & contaminants.

Wax & Polish

We use the finest products to wax and polish your paintwork to a fully protected spectacular high shine.


Wheels are pre-treated with non-acidic cleaners that breakdown heavy deposits of brake dust & grime.


The interior gets a wet & dry deep clean. Removing dirt, stains, smells & bacteria to leave the inside like new.


All the glass including mirrors is finally hand polished until we have achieved a perfect streak free shine.

Nice & Clean
Nice & Clean


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We lovingly wash, wax, polish and preen your vehicle until it shines like new.



We love what we do and want happy customers at the end of every single day.

What's the Cost?

Our quality services might not cost as much as you think.

Wash & Aqua Wax

for any small car

- De-bug
- Citrus pre-wash
- Body wash in PH Neutral soap
- Wheel wells cleaned & dressed
- Wheels non-acidic clean
- Tyres & trim gel treated

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Duluxe Igloo Valet

Proper clean!

- The "Wash & Aqua Wax"
& the "Igloo Valet" package
- Deep leather clean & stain removal
- Leather balm & restorer
- Exterior Meguiars wax & polish

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Addons & Extras

You can add these services on

£15 - £25

Wax & Polish

Exterior Meguiars or AutoGlym wax and hand polish

Deluxe Polish

Exterior Meguiars Carnauba Crystal Wax (Protection and aesthetic treatment)

£25 - £45

Interior Shampoo

interior seats & carpet deep shampoo & deodorise

Leather Clean

Deep leather clean, stain removal + protective balm. Restores that "leather smell"

* prices depend on size and type of vehicle

I booked over Facebook chat and Oli arrived the next day to clean my Mini. He was very professional and it didn't take long but the car was nothing short of spotless. It was like new inside and out and the interior smells amazing!

Sara Isaacs - Lichfield


If you are unfamiliar with the services we provide here are a few basic answers.

01.Do you clean motorhomes, coaches or horse boxes?
YES! Our motto is "If its got wheels we will clean it". If you have something that isn't your standard 4-door car then drop us a call and we can give you a quote to suit your needs.
02.I've have dogs in my car and its become a stinky mess. Can you help?
No Problem. Although it takes a little more work we are more than happy to tackle even the worst pet hair and pet smells. We will get it clean and smelling like new again.
03.Do you need water and electricity on site?
Currently we do require access to a hose pipe connection and a mains electricity plug at the location you wish us to clean.
04.Can you provide your services while socially distancing?
Yes. If necessary we can complete any job while being Covid Compliant. Just let us know when you book and we will make arrangements to carry out the job with zero contact with you on the day.
05.My car has been scratched. Can you remove them?
Many scratches that have not gone through to primer or metalwork can be totally removed by us in minutes. Deeper scratches require painting or other treatment but we can also help with these too.
06.Can you just clean my interior?
Yes. If you like cleaning your vehicle on the outside but dont want to tackle the inside then drop us a call and we will do it for you.

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